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Field Force Tracker™ & Work Force Tracker™ : Two Powerful Solutions.
Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Field Force Tracker - A Feature Rich, Easy to Use, Comprehensive Field Service Software Solution

Field Force Tracker™ is a very feature rich, comprehensive, enterprise-grade yet easy to use Field Service Software with the most powerful mobile applications in the industry. With it, you can quickly schedule jobs, dispatch right employees, collect accurate information, manage inventory, and invoice faster. Our field service software makes it easy for you to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and become more profitable. On top of it all, despite having enterprise grade features to support even the largest deployments, it is highly affordable even for the smallest businesses.

Our Web-based, Cloud hosted Field Service Management Software will streamline Job Scheduling, Dispatch, Customer Management, Vendor and Employee Management, Work Orders, Equipment Maintenance, Inventory Management, Employee Tracking, Asset Management, Customer Service Tickets, Service Contracts, Time-sheets, Estimates, Invoices, Payments and Accounting entirely on-line.

This is not all. We support features for large enterprises with service offices with multiple branches, multiple departments and automatic Intelligent rule based scheduling. Our available programming interface makes it easy to link our system with other systems and call center software.

Field employees can use our feature rich, most advanced yet simple to use Mobile Apps on iPhone and Android Phones to update job location, generate invoices, submit time-sheets or other field reports saving time and money for you!

The system is highly scalable and flexible, making it a great choice for any size company (1-10000+ Users). We support small businesses with just a few users to the companies with hundreds of field employees using our smart scheduling, smart auto-job assignment, and data import capabilities.

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Used By: Great Companies Selling and Providing Field Service for HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Photocopiers, IT & Office Automation, Industrial Goods, Home Appliances, Renovations, Generators & More

Field Service dispatch software

Manage Your Business With the Best Field Service Software in the Industry

Field Force Tracker™ a leading Field Service Management Solution, provides service companies with the easiest & most efficient ways to manage customers, work, resources and Billing. By streamlining your entire workflow through one comprehensive solution, you will finally have the tools that you need and want to improve productivity and profitability. With advanced field mobile solutions & seamless integrations with external Accounting software, service professionals love the software. There is a better way to run your service business - it all starts with Field Force Tracker!

Field Service Tracker is all about managing Field Service operation. However, if you are looking for a general Field Employee management solution for other tasks, our other software, Work Force Tracker may be a better fit for you for non-service field jobs. Work Force Tracker is a highly flexible software to manage Field Sales Teams, Package Pickup and Delivery, Employee GPS tracking, Scheduling Client Visits, Remote Site Installations,and even for managing some Field Service Operations. The Work Force Tracker users come from all industry verticals. You can request demo and pricing for both the systems if you so desire.

Flexible and Fast Client Management

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Your past clients are the core asset of your business. We help you maintain your client list up to date. You can easily add or delete new clients, search or modify their past data. It is just a snap to know client history.

The client history will show you all the current and past jobs for the client. Our contract management module will help you integrate annual maintenance contract and warranty support.

Manage Clients

Warranty and Contract Support

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

If your business is responsible for warrantee support for the product you sell or on-behalf of manufacturers, our system can help you manage warranties.

If you provide maintenance contracts and annual supports, our field force tracker can help you managing customer contracts, send them reminders and deal with charging issues when a customer is under contract.

Warranty and Service Contracts

Real Time Location Tracking

GPS Location Tracking Mobile Field  Service Software

Field Force Tracker is designed to give you up to current location of your jobs and employees at all times on a customizable map.

Getting productivity from your workers and timely status reports is very important for the business. Location tracking helps in optimizing your resources and use time more productively.

Real Time Location Tracking

Real Time View of Your Business

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Ready-to-use reports that provide real-time visibility into your operation. Pre-built intuitive reporting allows you to summarise data for customer, technician, and reporting period. Results are displayed in bar graphs, pie charts, and line items so you can get simple snapshot of your business.

Reports and Analytics

Smart WorkFlow Dispatch Dashboard

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Dispatch personnel can visualize the field and schedule work using a single screen dashboard. Designed with the help of field service companies, the Dispatch Board provides multiple options to view where your personnel are, where your customers are, and how to best connect them.

Using our dispatch board you can see how to use your techs most efficiently and schedule accordingly.

Dispatching & Scheduling

Multiple Branch Operation
Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

If you have a service operation in multiple locations, then the same software will work for all branches. Our smart auto scheduling can centrally manage all .

We go a step further you can talk from one branch to another using click to call feature integrated in the system. You can easily communicate and coordinate tasks between multiple offices from a central location.

Multi-Branch Scheduling

Product and Customer Service History

Product Repair History Field  Service Software

Field Force Tracker does this automatically for you. All Repair and past customer service History are automatically managed.

Field Force tracker maintains complete service history for your clients and products with extensive search capabilities. You can get past service history of products at the touch of a button.

Customer Service History

Intelligent Workforce Management

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Employees are often absent and/or on paid leave. We manage employee leaves and absences so that our dispatcher can see only available employees. It is full leave management system integrated to help you manage your workforce smartly.

WorkForce Management

Integrated Employees Management

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Employees are your core assets. The system keeps all data about your employees such as their contact addresses, their joining dates and their skill levels. You can also assign them different skill levels, and roles within organization.

Your employee data can be used for processing payrolls, as well generating invoices. You can assign employees to a branch and/ or departments and our smart scheduler takes care of the rest.

Employee Management

Parts and Asset Management

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Achieve optimal performance while keeping costs low by balancing stock levels, locations, spare parts, service levels and more. You define mark up prices for each parts and inventory levels.

You can manage assignment of expensive assets and track who has used certain shared resources.

Parts and Assets Management

Multiple Time Zones and Currencies

Best Field  Service Software

Field Force Tracker is available in all countries around the world and can support multiple time zones and countries.

It is easy to set local time zone and currency in the Field Force Tracker making it easy to operate in your country. Support for local language (Non-English) data entry may be available, check with us.

Time & Currency Support

Central Knowledge Base

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Maintain all your knowldge base of manuals and documentations for technicians to access from the field. Field technicians no longer have to struggle with obscure circuit diagrams or other repair manuals. All this information can be searched and pulled on the mobile app.

Central Knowledge

Designed For Mobile. Fully Integrated Software

We have used our over a decade's experience in developing mobile applications for designing Field Force Tracker Mobile applications. No one in the field service industry knows developing GPS enabled mobile applications like we do. Track employees, jobs and customers in real time live! Get field updates, time sheets and invoices by our powerful iPhone or Android applications.
Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software