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Field Force Tracker™ & Work Force Tracker™ : Two Powerful Solutions.
Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Parts and Service Assets Management Systems

Your customers have higher expectations. Help your field service technicians exceed them. Field service organizations that empower their service technicians with real time customer, asset, parts inventory, warranty and other call resolution information consistently outperform their peers because their technicians can complete their work more quickly, and at a higher first time response success rate. We have designed our software for you to accomplish exactly these goals.

Integrated Parts Inventory Management Software

Managing inventory is a constant balancing act. Carry too little inventory and you risk losing revenue opportunities and disappointing customers who can't get the part or product they need. Carry too much inventory and your company is hit with costly write-downs.

Field Force Tracker tracking systems helps you maintain optimal inventory levels. Our inventory management capabilities enables users to manage the inventory locations, inventory updates and stock history for all types of locations from warehouses, depot repair facilities, technician trucks or any other virtual inventory locations. Real- time inventory updates ensures that your inventory is up-to-date, accurate and audited thereby minimizing inventory leakage and write-downs.

Parts Inventory Management Systems

Get to Know Your Parts Inventory Levels and Costs

Our Parts and Asset Management Software gives you the ability to track and manage your parts and customers’ assets – as well as your own. Track specific equipment details such as manufacturer, model#, serial#, and warranty information, to the full service history. Combined with a full-featured field service management system, you'll be able to:

  • Schedule maintenance based on fixed or variable interval periods
  • Define maintenance procedures
  • Link assets to customers, locations, and contacts
  • Add attachments to assets, including pictures, PDFs, etc.
  • Dispatch jobs linked to specific assets
  • Invoice for multiple asset jobs on a single invoice
  • Split-billing available for warranty work or shared assets
  • ' Create a series of jobs for multiple assets at a location. 

Field Service Inventory Management

Improved spare parts inventory management will result in reduced blocked capital, increased availability, reduced downtime, or all three.

Keep Track of your Expensive Tools and Assets

Field Force Tracker tracks your customers equipment to make repairs easier and to help you make informed recommendations. It shows the location, notes, and service history of each piece of equipment. Easily lookup customers and run reports on specific equipment, age of equipment and more for sales opportunities and targeted communications.

Asset Management Software

Highlighted Features of Asset Management: Tracking System

  • Track equipment information including make, manufacturer, serial numbers, installation & warranty dates & attach equipment pictures
  • Look-up customers based on equipment serial numbers
  • Attach equipment to dispatches & service agreements
  • Generate equipment reports based on warranties, installation dates, make, manufacturer & model
  • Detailed history reports
  • Attach important equipment documents & photos
  • Custom fields to track information important to your business

Take Better Control of Your Parts, Tools and Service Assets

Asset Management Software

Not having a part that you need can delay customer repairs. That may mean an unhappy customer. With Field Force Tracker, our end-to-end solution helps ensure this a rare occurrence. Careful tracking of parts in the warehouse and in trunk stock ensures you know where parts are at all times.

Maintain Right Inventory Levels

Field Force Trcker provides visibility into your parts stock during the scheduling process and ensures that the right technician with the right parts is dispatched in the first place, thereby increasing your first-time fix rate. In addition, trigger-based parts auto-replenishment features minimize overstocking while simultaneously preventing stock “run outs,” ensuring optimal inventory levels that technicians can rely on for their parts requisitions.

Field Force Tracker Ensure Right Technician Moves With With Right Parts

  • Increase first time fix rates by ensuring the right tech with the right part arrives at the customer site
  • Reduce inventory costs by minimizing parts leakage and write-downs
  • Reduce costs by using refurbished products/parts to increase spare parts inventory
  • Comply with regulatory requirements by providing audit trails on all parts movements
  • Increase field technician utilization rates by making easier and faster to order parts or log the use of a part while in the field

We have designed field force for tracker, to take care of your business. Save you cost and money.