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Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Field Service Software - Customer and Product Repair History

Field Force Tracker is a full service software productivity suite with advanced features not available on low-end field service software systems.

With Field Force Tracker, you equip yourself and your team with enterprise-class customer service center capabilities at a much lower cost. Field Force Tracker allows you to see basic customer information and a customer's past service history immediately upon receiving calls. Before taking the new job, you can look into the records of the customer's previous services, old work orders and service records, and other related information organized in front of you. Powerful searches and pre-complied reports make it easy to look at past repair hisotory amd all other transactions. Have your customers thanking you for your attentive service by organizing their repair data.

Key To Improving Services

With Field Force Tracker, everyone in the service supply chain ecosystem has access to information about the customer equipment, its service history, current problems, repair status and estimated repair completion time. This 360-degree visibility ensures the equipment gets fixed right the first time and gets back on the road as quickly as possible.

Field Service Inventory Management

Managing service and repair comes down to having in-context information, documents and communications all in one place. To simplify the process, Field Force Tracker’s platform automates paper processes to help you reduce overhead and administrative costs.

To effectively reduce cycle time and Days Out of Service, you need to know what’s going on as it happens. Real-time access to service events gives you control over the process by providing visibility into internal and external service events. Field Force Tracker's platform uses advanced automation so you can get all the information right away.

Verify Past Service and Warranty Records

You can record customer warranties. If your product is under manufacturer’s warranty, you can verify that information immediately saving you cost of replacement parts. Our software comes with powerful searches that lets you search customer records in the matter of minutes.

Multi-Party Access

We recognize that when all parties involved in a repair event have all the information in one place, decision-making is improved and technicians spend less time in the shop and more time taking care of customer's problems.

Integrated Communications

Field Force Tracker puts all communication in one place – making it as easy to update a case as it is to text or email by clicking on a web page by:

  • Reducing time spent tracking down information
  • Eliminating confusion
  • Speeding up the repair process

In-Context Information, Document & Picture Sharing

At the point of service having access to the key relevant data based on make, model, past repairs and other factors is critical to a timely repair process. This includes recommended repair procedures, parts used and warranty information and more.

Function & Role-Based Access

Our system allows you to determine who sees what information, based on their function or role in the repair process. You’re in control of your information, and you can be confident all your sensitive data is safe. Ready to make collaboration easier?

Priming For Higher Revenues With Field Force Tracker

Scheduling field service and sales resources and managing operations are challenges for all service organizations. Many organizations rely on paper-based and telephone-based processes to link field resources with the office. Traditionally, field resources have been required to physically visit an office or call office staff on the phone to receive instructions, which is costly and takes time that could be better spent servicing customers.

At the remote service sites, resources often did not have ready access to the information required to complete the service call on the initial visit. In addition, once a service call was completed, the need for completed forms and other documents delayed the closing of the service order, which in turn delayed billing and reduced customer satisfaction. Field Force Tracker’s web based Field Service Software enables field service organizations to automate their operations, thereby reducing office costs and increasing office staff, technician, and sales productivity.