Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker A Comprehensive Solution For Field Service Operations
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Field Force Tracker™ & Work Force Tracker™ : Two Powerful Solutions.
Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Quick Quotes and Invoicing

Do More With Less. Computerising the Important Tasks.

Field Force Tracker is a complete solution for the field service. We take care from job quotation to generating invoices and collecting payment for the same. Quotes and invoices take significant time in a service business. By using a system that integrates smoothly with your service dispatch system, you can be more efficient, and save valuable time and resources.

Unlike many others systems in the market, we understand that a business is about managing customer expectations, delivering quick quotes and services. Therefore, we have designed the system which makes it breeze to handle both these functions.

Our ability to create invoices either using web based interface in the office or by a Mobile in the field, cuts the time it takes to collect the payment and maintain vital cash flow. This is the life line of any business.

Quote Management Software

Managing Service Quotes

If your business generates job quotes, you can use system interface to generate simple and fast quotes to the customer.

The quoting feature is simple and powerful, packed with features to help your business get more work and accurately quote jobs.

  • Quotes can be generated in the back office and emailed to the customer.
  • Tasks can be added to the quote to generate pricing in real time.
  • Establish a standard percentage markup markup for parts.
  • Tax computed automatically based on the set tax rates
  • Quotes can easily be converted to jobs and then scheduled.
Invoice Management Software

Grow your sales and profits by quoting on-site with our mobile app. Companies can’t believe the gains they experience when a field support automation system that allows for live quotes is placed in the hands of the technician.

Converting work orders to cash and controlling expenses is key for your business. The smoothness and efficiency of converting invoices to cash is critical. When a work order is marked completed it is invoiceable and transferable to your accounting package.

Managing Invoices

Invoice electronically, integrate your accounting system, and improve your cash flow. You can generate an invoice as soon as the job is complete, then transfer it to Accounting or send it to the Customer.

For most field service companies, invoicing is often a tedious manual process that involves:

  • Waiting for completed work orders to be returned to the office,
  • Re-keying the details into another system, and then
  • Mailing out the invoice

Field Force Tracker allows you to invoice electronically within seconds of completing the job, cutting days or even weeks out of your service-to-cash cycle. With Field Force’s accounting export feature, you can seamlessly send your invoice data to systems such as QuickBooks, Easy Accounting, Sage or Peachtree with a few clicks of the mouse.

Managing Service Quotes

Generate professional looking and customizable quotes and invoices to use as powerful sales tools. Field Force Tracker tracks pending quotes and closing ratios so you can see how well your sales people are doing. Field Force Tracker uses standard template for a generating quick quotes to eliminate repetitive tasks and save valuable time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Convert quotes into jobs
  • On Completion, create job invoices in the field using Mobile or send them from the office
  • Automatically include parts to invoices
  • Professional templates for quotes & invoicing with your company name, address and logo
  • Create a dispatch, purchase order or invoice from an existing quote
  • Directly email quotes or invoices to customer
  • Track material, labor and other costs
  • Export Invoice data to popular accounting systems