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Field Force Tracker™ & Work Force Tracker™ : Two Powerful Solutions.
Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker


Exceptional by Design, Designed and Supported By a Committed Engineering Team.

Cost Effective, Most Features Rich, Supported and Managed by Us For You.

We offer a very simple pricing based on number of users. You can add and delete users at the beginning of the month. The basic indicative price below includes our Standard Feature Set: Employee Management, Client management, Client Assets Tracking, Work Order Scheduling, Invoicing, Service Management, Contracts, Parts and Asset Management etc. Some Advance features such as Customer Portal, Sales Lead Management, Payroll, Advanced Projects Tracking, Telephony Integration etc. are available on extra cost. You are going to get most feature rich yet easy to use software.

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The price given are indicative we have many other ways of pricing for your special business need, usage patterns and the business size. Our aim is to be the most cost effective software vendor for field service management on the planet. We are developing software for over 15+ Years and have added a lot of features that you won't find in many other software.

Our Commitment:

If we don't save you money or make your Field Service Operation better, we don't deserve to earn money too.

Field Force Tracker is being used by hundreds of small and large businesses to manage their field service operations in over 25+ countries. These countries include: USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, ROMANIA, HUNGARY, INDIA, UAE, IRELAND, SOUTH AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST, MALAYSIA, FIJI, SRILANKA, SURINAME, MAURITANIA, KENYA AND MANY MORE!

With nearly 15+ years of development behind the product, we have the features that you won't find anywhere else. Our users have migrated from almost all competing systems. Every day we are helping new users to move from their old legacy software or from competitive systems. Ask us for our data migration and conversion plans!.

Number of Users Indicative Monthly Fee/Per User. One Time Set Up Fee.

The prices shown below are for North American region: US, Canada. Please contact us for pricing details for your country as we have special pricing for Asian, Latin and African countries.

1-25 Starting from $14.99-/per user per month depending on the features bundle. Min to Max Features (Many Optional Features Modules Available for Different Industries.), Advanced Native Mobile Apps (iPhone and Android). Minimum 1 Admin and 1 Mobile Field Tech needed. One Time A/C Set Up Fee: Starting $149.00+ depending on the set up and other services needed in data migrations. Annual commitment may be required for certain pricing.

Includes full continuous support. Remote Training Session, DB Set Up, Client Imports Advice, Invoice & Quote customization Advice, Company Logo Upload & Resizing (if needed), Employees, Client & Inventory Setup Advice. QuickBook/ Sage / MyOB/ FreshBooks Accounting connector Installation (additional set up fee depending upon software).

The price per (Mobile or Admin user) depends on the features set selected/ optional modules needed, and on any special customizations required, number of Admin and Active Mobile users (Field tech) can be increased at any time. Field Service Employees Working as 3rd Party Contractors may not need separate license. Many Optional Feature Modules Available. FFT has many advanced, configurable and customizable features, and all businesses may not need all the features. Data Migrations from other Field Service Software or old CRM systems Available free or at extra price depending upon complexity of Efforts. Training remote and on sites available at extra charge
25 to 100,000 Users Call Us.

All Above Plus Many Additional Feature Modules For Managing Large Teams/ Departments and Business Branches.
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Special bundle prices for service organizations with large number of active Mobile (Field Tech) or Admin users. Multiple Departments and Business Units/ Office Branches Support Available. Franchise Operations Available and Supported. Auto-scheduling options available for Large Pool of Workers. Custom API or Integration with Other Systems available. On site Training and Data Migration Planning available. Integration with Other CRM systems Available via API or Web Services connector. The system extensions and customization are available.
Custom features may be available via system APIs and will be deemed on case by case basis. Per user fee may apply for special requests.

What Do You Get : A Software Designed To Save Time, Money and Make Your Business Grow

The Field Force Tracker system is a complete solution for scheduling, staffing, managing, and supporting workforce in the field. Whether you are a one person operation, or a large company with hundreds of Field technician, you can make it look like your custom software. And, we are always adding new features.

It is scalable and it is highly customizable and configurable to your needs. Besides our excellent support and very feature rich Native mobile apps, you get one of the most comprehensive features in the Industry with a cloud hosted software.:

Comprehensive Client Management

  • Client Records, Balances and History
  • Multi-location business Units
  • Client Balance Reports
  • Unique Tax IDs for Clients
  • Many Advanced Features for Client Sales Tracking
  • Client Service Portal (optional)

Advanced Employee Management

  • Full Employee Records, Jobs History
  • Employee Skill Tracking
  • Timesheets, Multiple Hourly Billing Rates, Payroll Support
  • Advanced Time Tracking - Daily Clock-in and Clockout with leave management
  • Support for Third Party Contractors and Consultant Job Assignments
  • Many Advanced Features Including GPS Location Tracking

Flexible Multi-Calendar Scheduling and Dispatching

  • Real-time visibility into your business
  • Provides an immediate snapshop into your business
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Multiple Calendars with easy Drag and Drop Scheduling
  • Manage jobs in a GPS map view
  • Color coding & icons indicate real-time job type and status
  • Custom views with one click configuration
  • Recurring and Group Jobs
  • Support for Third Party Contractors and Consultant Job Assignments
  • Support for Jobs from Contracting Entities

Client Installed Base or Asset Management

  • Keep Track of your client's installed products
  • Track Repair History and Install Locations
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Track with Jobs and projects
  • Extend Tables With Custom Fields

Company Asset Management

  • Keep Track of your company Assets
  • Track Locations and Maintenance Cost
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Issue to Jobs and projects
  • Asset Return to Base Tracking

Comprehensive Invoicing, and Job Quotes

  • Invoice and Billing
  • Invoice immediately upon completion
  • Option to email invoice
  • Features for Quote Customizations
  • Attachments, Images and Documents
  • Integration to QuickBooks and Other accounting packages

Advanced Inventory Management

  • Management of Parts and Products
  • Track Vendor Pricing
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Purchase Orders Issuing to Vendors
  • Parts Return Management to Warehouse
  • Track Assets by Vehicle and More
  • Automatic Adjustments of Inventory
  • Seriliazed Parts
  • Barcode Reader Integration

Most Feature Rich Native Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android

  • Connects technicians to their jobs in the field
  • Connect the field techs with the office staff
  • Natively developed mobile app
  • Available for iPhone, iPad or Android
  • Dramatically improves accuracy of work orders
  • View new jobs immediately
  • GPS map location of job
  • Create ad hoc or after-hours jobs
  • Access customer information
  • Call or email customers directly
  • Built-in job time stamping
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Push Notifications

Comprehensive Quotes Management With Sales Tracking

  • Generate quotes for service requests
  • Create in the office or the field
  • Convert to Work Orders upon acceptance

Service Contracts and Maintenance Agreements

  • Generate Service Contracts with Different duration
  • Create in the office or the field
  • Preventive Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Service Alert and Reminders
  • Recurring Invoicing Support built-in
  • Special Module for Photocopier and Printer Service Companies

Comprehensive Reporting and Summarizations

  • At-A-Glance dashboard metrics
  • Dozens of built-in reports
  • Service performance metrics
  • Worker productivity metrics
  • Profitability metrics
  • Business performance analytics
  • Customizable column layouts
  • Extensive filtering options
  • and many more reports ...

Easy Job Flow Customizations to Your Needs

  • many Settings to customize Job flows
  • Settings for Invoices, Work Orders and Quotes
  • Setting for Timezones, Branches and Departments
  • and many more ways to customize ...

Even More Advanced Service Modules

  • Many Optional Modules - Not listed above
  • Web Service API for Integration with Other Software

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