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Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

Field Service Software -Smart Mobile Field Service Software For Enterprise Work Force

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Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch System

Delivering amazing customer service is at the heart of what it means to be a Customer Company and connect with your customers in entirely new ways.

Field Service Management Software

In the age of technology and mobility, field service management software is now an essential tool for any field service company or any business that relies on scheduling and deploying resources to residential or commercial appointments.

Designed for the entire service team, field management software allows users to automate manual processes that are associated with key parts of your business such as:

  • Service Work Orders and Invoicing
  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Job and Technician Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Customer Management
  • Employee Time Sheets

Real Time Visibility In To your Business

Field service management software makes it possible for the service team to share and update all data on a real-time, 24/7 basis. The field service team can now track in real-time when a job starts, when it is paused, and when it is completed. That means the field service manager or dispatcher can see updates to the job status and notify the next customer without waiting for a status call from the field tech—improving customer service. Parts inventory can be adjusted automatically based on the number of parts on the truck and parts used during a job—taking the guess work out of ordering parts. The field tech can get the customer’s signature on an estimate, process payment immediately from his mobile device, and send the completed work order office instantly—all without any paperwork.

Scheduling and Dispatch Made Easy

Field Force Tracker has revolutionized the way dispatch personnel can visualize the field and schedule work accordingly. Designed with the help of field service companies, the Dispatch Board provides multiple options to view where your personnel are, where your customers are, and how to best connect them. Using our dispatch board you can see how to use your techs most efficiently and schedule accordingly. Dispatch personnel can easily see the amount of work that is lined up by the day or week and assign new jobs accordingly.

Dispatch personnel can also see which jobs are still waiting for an appointment in the Unscheduled List and set those appointments with drag-and-drop functionality.

Our portal allows dispatch to see the technician’s status, such as en route or paused, and current location by using the calendar or map view. Dispatchers can update schedules directly from the map view instead of from a list or confusing spreadsheets. Field Service Management (FSM) (also known as Field Service Automation) streamlines service operations from estimating to dispatch to invoicing. Our solution replaces ineffective paper-based processes and adds new tools that make back office operations smarter and empower field workers and managers to provide better customer service and get more done each day. Our solution is completely cloud-based and available from all mobile devices or PCs.

Work Order Management

Generate estimates and turn them into work orders and then invoices, all within a clear workflow.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Schedule field workers as jobs come in and arrange for unscheduled jobs with a few clicks.

Mobile Apps for Field Workers

Field service management extends to workers in the field who can review work orders, capture customer signatures, add photos to the job and much, much more.

Time Sheets

Field workers can punch in and punch out right on their mobile devices and business owners/payroll staff can run time reports to track worker hours.

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