Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker A Comprehensive Solution For Field Service Operations
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Field Force Tracker™ & Work Force Tracker™ : Two Powerful Solutions.
Field Service Dispatch Software by Field Force Tracker

The Perfect Solution for the Garage Door Service and Installation Companies

Mobile Field  Service  Dispatch Software

Designed For Small Business to Large Enterprise Garage Door Service Business

Regardless of the size of your company, Field Force Tracker can manage all your processes related to your property management service business such as service request, work order scheduling, time sheets, worker availability tracking, Site inspections, and more.

Reducing Cost By Being More Efficient

The Garage Door installations require planning, multiple visits and expert staff. The urgency of this sector is impossible to understate: Your business guards property and saves lives. A protected home or business, equipped with your best products and smart set up, is crucial for secure and efficient property operations. Preventing the worst means being prepared from the start, and your clients rely on you for top-quality fire safety and security alarm installations and maintenance.

At the end of the day, it's your system that will stand the test in case of a break-in or emergency. So you can't afford not to play it safe - with your field service software. Streamline your work flow with the best: Field Force Tracker's affordable, fully-customizable, comprehensive management system.

Running a Garage door Installation business can be hard work. Often you'll find yourself up all night trying to manage and organize all of the features of your business, only to lose paperwork or get frustrated with your Garage Door service software program. There's a better way. You can save yourself countless hours and drastically reduce errors with the Field Force Tracker system – a comprehensive on line software platform that is perfect for controlling the needs of your business.

Mobile Field  Service Software for Garage Door Repair Services

Field Force Tracker is a perfect solution for managing your repair professionals, repair jobs and for providing superior services. It provides support for your entire team, from the office to the field. With Field Force Tracker service software you can better manage the process and increase your bottom line. For you, that means thousands of dollars saved very month.

Be Productive By Deploying Better Processes

As company providing services for the Garage Door, you have to manage a lot of parallel tasks. Every morning, your repair person get to the office to receive today's schedule, check the inventory for parts and tools, collect any necessary paperwork. To do what they do best, they are spending hours getting organized - manually. Your company personnel are responsible for a lot of equipment, parts and products. You need to know what you worked on, exactly what was done, how long it took, and what materials were used. Field Force Tracker can provide all of that, and make managing the rest of your electrical business - from scheduling to invoicing - easier too!

Eliminating the paperwork in your Plumbing service business with Field Force Tracker allows you to be more efficient. In a competitive business, time is money. Use The Field Force Tracker Solution to help you be more productive, generate more profit, and actually have some "time off." Field Force Tracker truly is service management software for the Plumbing industry.

Complete End to End Solution

Field Force Tracker for Residential and Commercial Services provides various big and small repair businesses a complete, end-to-end field service solution based on mobile technology, social collaboration and cloud computing. Field Force Tracker customer's benefit from the powerful and efficient field service capabilities and the most effective technician tools that help them delight customers on every visit. If your business could use a boost in service revenues here is how Field Force Tracker can help.

  • Manage service contracts easily with flexible service plans that expand your offerings and increase revenues
  • Track warranty information and installed products accurately for all customers and avoid providing service for free
  • Reverse the trend of “do-it-yourself” with fast and effective work order management and service scheduling that improves response times and delights customers
  • Provide flawless service with every scheduled visit, with visibility on service staff skill and expertise, such as technical knowledge, certifications and training
  • Dispatch service people and teams expertly with the correct parts to get the repair job done right the first time
  • Stay connected to all service teams and technicians with time saving, secure social collaboration tools that allow access to customers, other team members and critical documents which keep your service staff on time, productive and efficient
  • Take advantage of mobility trends and effectively sell more service with remote access for service staff to contracts, service plans, pricing and discounting
  • Empower customers with online portal access to schedule their own service times, increasing the opportunities to cut administrative costs while you improve customer service
  • Improve franchise relationships with partner portals that provide real-time access to knowledge bases for information on service practices, business processes and parts for repair services which assist in getting franchises up and running quickly

Time and Material Tracking For Saving Time & Managing Lost Parts

Our mobile software automates time and material tracking on every piece of equipment for every customer you have. With individualized history per customer and per unit, you can have the competitive advantage of being able to answer your customers' questions immediately and accurately, every time. And both office and field employees can view attached files, like as-builts and wiring diagrams.

Field Force Tracker replaces the clipboard and paper work order with our field service software. It all starts with the "field data collection". Our solution includes field service software from the start (it's not an add-on!), because we understand the value in good information from the field. Tracking time and materials accurately and in real-time allows you to bill accurately (stop leaving money on the table!) and help you manage field work based on productive time.

Smart and Optimum Scheduling and Dispatching

Our scheduling software allows you to quickly respond to customers and dispatch your repair person, while carefully routing work to reduce travel time and get that extra job or three done each day. All customer information - including a complete history - is just a click away, so you can spend less time on the phone and be more efficient. We can also track your installations and large jobs, making sure that you are staying on cost by tracking bid vs. actual.

Mobile Integrated Invoicing. Quick Payments

Invoicing becomes easier too, and takes less time. Field Force Tracker uses information captured on each work order in the field to make billing 100% paperless. You can also set up recurring invoices for monitoring contracts to run automatically. Our QuickBooks interface, or our Sage Peachtree and Simply Accounting interfaces, make invoicing happen regularly and quickly. No more double entry, no more mistakes that go uncorrected due to paperwork.

There is absolutely zero paperwork. All invoices are based on the field service data we collect digitally, and invoicing is done via our QuickBooks integration: no double-entry, and hours of office time saved! Take the emotion out of invoicing, and get it done with less stress.

Helping in Making Your Business Much More Profitable

With enterprise-class work order management, project proposal and bid creation, full reporting capabilities, marketing campaign tracking, customizable schedule security rights, service contract management, GPS vehicle tracking and more, Field Force Tracker is the comprehensive solution for the Plumbing industry, improving productivity and efficiency (from your tech team to your sales team), while increasing your bottom line. Field Force Tracker allows you to:

  • Schedule and dispatch Garage Door professionals
  • Organize proposal and job costing
  • Route industrial and residential service sites
  • Control inventory and purchasing purchasing of alarm equipment, wiring, and other appliances
  • Distribute tasks among the technicians Increase the productivity of all employees, on the field or in the office
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